What is a session of Conscious Body?

A session of the Conscious Body Language begins with our most dense body - the physical body. 

The physical body (PB) is like a spacesuit that assists us on our spiritual journey, helping us experience emotions and create or manifest.

The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are vibrational energy fields that are interconnected and deeply influence one another.

The PB is an excellent indicator of how things are in all areas of our life and on every level of ourselves (spiritual, mental, emotional).

By using Eastern and Western body practices as tools to work with the PB, we have the opportunity to become aware of ourselves as a system of nested dolls, gaining access to the other bodies beyond the PB.

The main goal is to experience our physical body and also:

  • Balance the state of the PB and find harmony on all levels (emotional, spiritual, mental)
  • Work on the openness and flexibility of the PB, infusing it with life force
  • Focus attention on the concept of chakras and their functions at the PB level
  • Be open to new experiences
  • Gain information about our body as a vessel that needs care
  • Familiarize ourselves with Eastern healing techniques to help our loved ones or use them in our professional activities.

When we become aware of ourselves within the body, perceiving the surrounding world becomes much easier. Answers to long-standing questions arise. Which direction to take? What activities do we enjoy, instead of feeling obligated? and much more.

The Second Body - the Ether Body

Our ether body is a bioplasmatic light double that "envelops" the physical body and interpenetrates it.

The term "bioplasm" combines two words: "bio" - life and "plasma" - relating to the fourth state of matter.

Thus, the ether body is a living aura or energetic body composed of subtle matter that is invisible to the naked eye.

The Kirlian effect is considered scientific evidence of the existence of our ether body. Its photographs allow us to see, observe, and analyze the energetic field/etheric body that surrounds our physical form.

Because of the etheric body the physical body can absorb and distribute life energy. The etheric body serves as a channel for the influx of life energy into the visible physical body to which we are so closely connected.

The flow of life energy through the etheric body is facilitated by subtle bioplasmatic meridians, which function similarly to the blood vessels of the physical body. In yoga, these channels/meridians are called "nadis" and are further classified as major and minor.

Similar to the circulatory system of the physical body, the etheric body has its own system that ensures the flow of life energy and thus nourishes the physical body.

The etheric and physical bodies are closely interconnected, and what affects one also affects the other. By thoroughly studying and deeply analyzing the nature and functions of spiritual energy and the etheric body, Master Choa Kok Sui provided his students with extensive information on this subject. This functional interrelationship works according to the law of correspondence. Just as an ailment in the etheric body precedes illness in the physical body, healing the etheric body helps cure physical ailments.

Thus, the etheric body is a four-dimensional energetic object that is an integral part of the physical body.