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The Physical Body is the first step in understanding our existence. It allows us to delve deeper in search of the truth of being

The Conscious Body Method is the result of many years of exploration in the realm of physical and spiritual practices from the East and the West.

In our courses, we learn not to fear the body but rather to revive natural tactile communication as an integral part of interpersonal communication. The ability to touch and express our feelings non-verbally is one of the keys to connecting with the surrounding space. We utilize gentle and harmonious techniques derived from dynamic Vedic Thai massage, Anma, and Shiatsu. We also base our understanding on the Chakra system, recognizing the workings of the energetic bodies and their interconnectedness with the physical body.

The methodology works on the physical and energetic levels, improving the function of the hormonal and immune systems, elevating vitality, and releasing blockages in the body and mind.
Serafima Di continues the tradition of immersing in the cosmic journey of Soul and Spirit Unity.

The training programs are adapted for Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, and all those who are seeking their true selves and their True Path.

Southeastern Full Body Stretch & Conscious Relaxation Session

The Conscious Touch has the potential to establish a connection with your Inner self and elevate your Awareness to new horizons

Serafima Di

"Touch is the first sense we acquire and the secret weapon in many a successful relationship."

Helen Fisher

"In the silence of touch, we find the words our hearts long to speak."


June 1-14, 2024

Egypt Study Tour

Join us on a mystical retreat to the places of power in Egypt and experience the limitless magic of connecting with energies. Immerse yourself in the tantric traditions of healing, self-discovery, body therapy, shamanism, and yoga.