Сouple Session Thai Stretching - 60 min

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A couple's Thai stretching session with two practitioners, one male and one female, incorporating elements of Thai stretching, Anma, Shiatsu, and gentle twisting, offers a unique and revitalizing experience for both partners.

Our Session includes:

1. Thai Stretching: Our session begins with traditional Thai stretching, inspired by ancient yoga postures. You and your partner will lie comfortably side by side on a padded mat. The practitioners will gently guide your bodies through a series of assisted stretches, helping to release tension, improve flexibility, and promote a sense of relaxation.

2. Anma and Shiatsu: As the session progresses, our practitioners will incorporate elements of Anma and Shiatsu, both of which involve rhythmic pressure and kneading techniques applied to specific points on the body. This approach aims to stimulate circulation, ease muscle tension, and enhance overall well-being.

3. Gentle Twisting: Throughout the session, you'll experience gentle twisting movements that help to increase joint mobility and alleviate stiffness. These movements are performed with care and precision, ensuring that you and your partner feel comfortable and supported throughout.

4. Synchronization: Our practitioners are trained to synchronize their movements, creating a seamless and relaxing experience for both partners. As you and your partner unwind and let go of stress, you'll find yourselves moving in harmony with the practitioners, enhancing your sense of connection and unity.

5. Breath Awareness: Throughout the session, you'll be encouraged to focus on your breath, deepening your relaxation and mindfulness. Synchronized breathing with your partner can enhance the sense of intimacy and shared experience.

Benefits of Couple's Thai Stretching Session:

  • Deep relaxation and stress reduction for both partners.
  • Improved flexibility, joint mobility, and muscle tension relief.
  • Enhanced circulation and energy flow.
  • Increased body awareness and mindfulness.
  • A sense of connection and unity with your partner.

This one-hour couple's Thai stretching session offers a unique opportunity for partners to unwind, de-stress, and rekindle their connection while experiencing the therapeutic benefits of Thai stretching, Anma, Shiatsu, and gentle twisting. It's a memorable and rejuvenating experience that can deepen your bond and leave you both feeling revitalized and balanced.