2 day of The Art of Conscious Body Workshop

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Cosmic Unity: Body, Mind and Soul - The Art of Conscious Body

Join us for an immersive 2 day journey into the heart of Eastern Body Therapy, a transformative practice that bridges the physical with the spiritual, inviting a profound harmony between our bodies, the Higher Mind, and Cosmic Unity. This workshop is designed as a sacred space for participants to explore the multidimensional aspects of healing, where emotions and sensations are not only acknowledged but deeply felt, creating a direct pathway to a harmonious state of being.

Foundations of Balance and Cosmic Connection

  • Morning Session: Introduction to Eastern Body Therapy and its roots in achieving balance between the body and the Higher Mind. Participants will explore the concept of Cosmic Unity and how our physical and spiritual selves are intrinsically linked to the universe.
  • Afternoon Session: Hands-on practices focusing on bioenergetics and alignment. Through guided exercises, attendees will begin to experience the dissolution of limitations and separation, tapping into the divine will that enhances healing and opens new realms of possibilities.

Activating Divine Blueprint and Neurological Illumination

  • Morning Session: Deep dive into the art of Conscious Body Therapy and its ability to align human neurons with the vast intelligence of the universe. This session will cover the neurological pathways that lead to our ideal state of DNA and the activation of a more divine genetic blueprint.
  • Afternoon Session: A sacred ceremony of healing and returning home. Participants will engage in advanced techniques that renew and elevate the genetic plan, accessing a library of divine intelligence and super-abilities. This transformative experience is designed to leave attendees feeling connected, healed, and aligned with their highest potential.

This workshop is perfect for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of holistic healing, practitioners of bodywork looking to incorporate spiritual dimensions into their practice, and anyone on a path of personal transformation and spiritual awakening.